Billie Franchini, PhD

University at Albany-SUNY


Dr. Billie Franchini is Interim Director of the Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership at
the University at Albany-SUNY. Her primary areas of expertise are fostering student engagement, teaching writing, and building and sustaining effective active learning practices, including Team-Based Learning (TBL). Over the past year, Billie has focused much of her attention on the role of error and reflection in student learning and advocating for more inclusive classroom practices.


Help Your Students Become More Self-Regulated Learners with Team-Based Learning


This session will introduce participants to Team-Based Learning (TBL), a method designed to foster deeper engagement with disciplinary thinking, improved learning outcomes, and increased self-regulation.


Abstract: Imagine what your classroom would look like if students arrived each day having prepared the content and motivated to work. What if they were consistently engaged so that you could use class time to focus on higher-level thinking instead of just reviewing basic content? One teaching method that has been shown to lead consistently to these outcomes is Team-Based Learning (TBL). TBL works in large and small classes, with students at a variety of levels, and across disciplines. This highly active and interactive workshop will allow participants to learn about the key elements of TBL by experiencing the method first-hand.

Learning outcomes: At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key elements of the TBL method

  • Distinguish TBL from other collaborative learning methods

  • Explain why TBL strategies lead to greater student self-regulation

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