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Dr. Gail Rice directs Faculty Development at Loma Linda University and is a Professor in the School of Allied Health Professions.  Gail teaches for the Harvard Macy Institute Program for Education in the Health Professions and for the USC Keck School of Medicine’s Innovation in Medical Education Conference. She has held professorial positions at four universities in seven schools or departments and has graduate degrees in nursing, public health education, educational psychology and higher education administration and leadership.  She serves on several editorial boards for professional journals and boards for professional societies. Her most recent publication is Hitting Pause: 65 Lecture Breaks to Review and Refresh Learning, 2018, Stylus Publications, LLC.



Gail Rice, Professor of Allied Health Studies, and Faculty Developer for Loma Linda University, provides a plenary guaranteed to change the way we teach and the results we get. Inserting pauses at critical moments in learning can increase engagement, focus, energy, and excitement.  This interactive presentation illustrates the power of these pauses. Drawing from extensive research and over 40 years of teaching in the health professions, Gail’s 2018 publication, Hitting Pause: 65 Lecture Breaks to Refresh and Reinforce Learning, provides more details on this topic.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Find easy ways to engage and excite students

  2. Make small changes to our lectures to see big results

  3. Experience, practice and plan for pausing

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