2017 Poster Award Winner


Poster: Tutor Training for Service-Learning: Impact on Self-Efficacy Beliefs 


Presenter: Scott B. Waltz, California State University Monterey Bay



This session outlines the tutor training curriculum and subsequent research demonstrating an increase in self-efficacy and skills for a more rewarding, effective service learning experience.


The study measured the effectiveness of an embedded tutor-training curriculum for undergraduate service learners, and the impact of training and application on teaching self-efficacy beliefs. Sixty students from two Social Foundations courses participated, including 20 service hours in elementary school classrooms. Data reflected responses from a 31-question surveys which included the Schwarzer, et. al. (1999) 10-question Teacher Self-Efficacy instrument. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) tests demonstrated a statistically significant difference with higher mean scores on both the content knowledge and self-efficacy portions. Results suggest that a tailored tutor-training curriculum leads to both a more rewarding and effective service learning experience.




Following this presentation, attendees will: (1) Be in a better position to evaluate whether a tutor-training will improve their own service learning courses;  (2) Have a curricular outline for undergraduate tutor-training workshops that can inform their own efforts at the same; and  (3) Have a more informed sense of how elements of public school classroom tutoring might play a role in bolstering the confidence and effectiveness of future educators.

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