Why to bring a group and benefits

Are  you presenting with multiple presenters? Are several faculty from your institution attending the conference?  Are you looking for an enrichment opportunity for a group of your faculty? We offer group discounts to maximize your conference experience. Contact us for pricing details.


Benefits of group registrations include:

  • reduced full-conference registration rates;  

  • receive a letter from the conference director that may be used as evidence of faculty development efforts during the accreditation process;

  • opportunity for your faculty to access a private meeting space to be used for team building, sharing, brainstorming, or socializing; and

  • opportunity for your group to meet with Todd Zakrajsek, Conference Director for an informal discussion of a topic of your choice.


Graduate student grants

Graduate students are welcome to attend the conference. Knowing that funding for graduate students is limited, the ITLC offers competitive grants  to support the professional development of graduate students. Funds granted are applied to full conference registrations for graduate students.  Applications for ITLC Grants are open through April 5th. To apply for a graduate student grant, click here.


How to get funding/who to ask

IFunding for travel and conference registrations may be available on your campus, through your departmental Chair, Dean, or Center for Teaching and Learning. Some institutions offer opportunities for external professional development through the office of Academic Affairs or Assessment.  Check with your departmental chair for guidance to access specific funds offered on your campus.


Thank you reminder

In fiscally restrictive times, it is important that funds are used in ways that best benefit the institution. To encourage future travel to teaching conferences and to acknowledge financial support provided for this conference, we encourage our participants to send a quick note of thanks to the individual(s) responsible for your attendance. You are welcome to stop by the Conference Registration desk at any time during the conference and select a thank you note, which you may choose to complete on your return trip home. It is particularly helpful to include one or two very specific changes that will be made in the upcoming semester, any anticipated benefit to students, and mention your willingness to offer a workshop on your campus sharing what you learned from this conference. A quick example follows:


Thank you for the support you provided that allowed me to attend the Lilly Conference on Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning in Bethesda. I was able to network with colleagues from (list one or two peer or aspiration institutions here). Among many things learned at the conference, I discovered (insert achieved personal conference objective; the following sentence is included as an example) a unique method to assign peer projects that I firmly believe will increase the quality of student work in my senior seminar course and have students to produce more work without greatly increasing the time needed on my part to grade the extra material. Thank you again.

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